I worked as a freelance copywriter and editor for a small start-up company. There I have learnt that being methodical, organised, and detail-oriented are vital in assuring high quality copy. Understanding what is on other people’s minds and how to use this knowledge to write a compelling text that speaks to their company’s value, belief system and ideology is what I find fascinating about writing and editing.

As a recent English Literature graduate, I am passionate about all things writing, researching, and problem-solving. My studies have taught me to think, analyse and assess values, ideas and beliefs that operate in the grey areas. In these grey areas a simple right or wrong explanation would result in oversimplifying and diminishing multifaceted moral issues and the complexities and intricacies of the human existence. By exploring literature, I have learnt to think creatively and critically, to argue and to ask questions. Skills which enable me to not only comprehend the needs and wants of diverse groups of people but to stay curious, emphatic, and open-minded about them.

During my time as a teacher, I worked with banking, medical and legal firms as well as pupils and private clients. Working with a diverse clientele, I learnt that by listening, understanding, and adapting to their individuals’ needs I was able to build rapport which was crucial to each person’s learning experience and progress. Creativity, persuasion, and collaboration are essential in creating an interesting, attractive, and motivational classroom atmosphere where students feel inspired to keep learning. It takes tactfulness, patience, and empathy to keep students engaged and to support them by providing appropriate feedback.

I am currently working on creating my online footprint where I wish to write about literature, films, and theatre plays.

If you want to talk about literature, editing, or your love for food, I would love to get in touch!